Klox leverages Surfe as a team productivity tool to save time and optimize contact enrichment


Klox leverages Surfe as a team productivity tool to save time and optimize contact enrichment

Klox is essentially an advertising “Agency as a Service” – a startup founded in 2017 that provides clients with digital levers to elevate their digital marketing journey.

The company brings a creative, yet tech-backed approach to marketing by revolutionizing common perceptions of ad agencies and building new advertising paradigms.

Klox designs strategies for their clients with the help of cutting-edge martech/adtech tools, while retaining creativity, performance, and care at the core of their operations.

With Klox, companies can experiment with new digital strategies and adapt out-of-the-box approaches to their projects with successful execution guaranteed.

We talked to Hugo Cornu, Head of Growth at Klox, to discover how Surfe has become the team’s secret productivity tool.

Challenge 1: Sourcing prospects that accurately reflect Klox’s ideal customer profile is challenging and contact & CRM enrichment is far too time consuming

Klox utilizes LinkedIn as a prospecting platform to find users who would benefit from their solutions. As their client spectrum is quite large, Klox pursues several ideal customer profiles (ICP) which makes it difficult to hone in on a single consumer persona.

To source relevant lead candidates, the team uses Sales Navigator to filter company lists and retrieve leads with the help of additional automation tools. After the initial filtering, sales representatives enrich contacts using Dropcontact and create corresponding records in the CRM.

While this workflow seemed to be working for them, the team noticed that they often failed to create prospect lists that were 100% accurate and relevant to their ICPs. To reach perfection, multiple manual tasks still had to be performed on top of the basic prospecting process.

Solution 1: CRM enrichment with Surfe is quick & simple, allowing for the creation of the ultimate lead lists

When Klox replaced several tools with Surfe’s all-in-one solution, they were able to cut out multiple steps of their workflow – ultimately saving time and amping up efficiency.

Furthermore, Surfe’s integration with Dropcontact eliminated the need to use multiple software tools, allowing Klox to streamline their workflow.

Thanks to Surfe’s integration with HubSpot, Klox’s sales team has been able to eliminate the constant back-n-forth between their CRM, LinkedIn, and Sales Navigator. This has given sales reps the chance to save time on manual tasks and shift their focus towards building exhaustive lists of prospects that match their desired profiles to a tee.

Challenge 2: Sales team members cannot tell if or when a prospect on LinkedIn had already been contacted

Another roadblock that Klox faced was the risk of sales reps overlapping in their activities. Prospecting on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator made it hard to tell if a person had previously been contacted by a Klox representative. This often caused confusion between Klox team members and irritation on both sides in the case that a prospect was double-contacted.

Solution 2: Surfe records all actions in the CRM, eliminating any confusion

As Surfe came into play, all prospect data became easily accessible from the LinkedIn and Sales Navigator interfaces. This makes it very clear for sales representatives to see what prospects already exist in HubSpotthe interactions that have been made, and the corresponding deal status.

Now, Klox representatives can easily track exactly what stage of the pipeline a prospect is at and tailor their approach accordingly. This takes the guessing game and constant tab switching out of the equation.

ROI for Klox

  • 136h saved monthly by the team
  • Since implementing Surfe, Klox enriched and added 4700+ leads to their CRM in 1 click
  • Increased productivity
  • No overlap of sales activity‍
  • No tab switching between the CRM, HubSpot and Sales Navigator
  • Faster CRM enrichment
  • Approximately 12h per month saved by sales reps

Looking for an efficiency tool that will connect your CRM to LinkedIn and make contact enrichment easier? Talk to one of our experts to discover Surfe at hello@surfe.com

Want to try a new and innovative way of collaboration with an agency and incorporate out-of-the-box approaches in your activities? Klox would be pleased to take care of you! Reach them through their website!